Educational hub,

providing quality knowledge to its holders on the SOL blockchain

The Experiments are a group of 5,000 factional NFT’s, looking to bring value to its holders, and form one of the closest communities on the blockchain.

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Experiments NFTs

Being an Experiment is more than just holding the best art on Solana. Being an Experiment means that you’re not afraid to take this Experimental journey with us, it means you’re not afraid to fail and try again.

Holders may enjoy:

  • Rewarding holders with secondary royalties
  • In-house analytical tools
  • Buy & Sell signals based off of Twitter analytics
  • Collection-specific statistic trackers
  • Automated NFT drop calendar
  • A well-based staking contract
  • Merchandise
  • IRL events
  • Much more


Pre Utility

Too many projects in the space are too volatile due to hype. At Experiments, we are firm believers of having something for our members prior to asking them to mint. The Experiments already have 3 confirmed pre-utilities, with much more to come. We want to use our pre-mint timeline to show the Solana ecosystem we are capable of getting shit done with little to no funding.

Post Mint

Post mint we aim to foster a community of well-educated investors, as well as some absolute degenerates.We want to spend money on things never done before in the web3/nft scene.


We see partnerships as more than just a business agreement. We want 100% of our partners to be our friends as well. It’s no secret that the world of business can be cut-throat. Well, we want to put an immediate stop to that. Positive partnerships and friendships only encourage better business, and support the overall longevity of any project.


The Experiments want to do more than just provide insane amounts of utilities to holders. We want to tell a story. As the project progresses, we intend to progress the story of our Experiments. The story progression will be a mix of short animations, comic strips, and lite novels.



Hey! My name is Jerzy, the founder of Experiments NFT! I started my entrepreneur journey back in 2013. My primary focus was marketing and content creation. Keep in mind, I had to do all of this from my Mom's busted ass MacBook. I started taking things to a professional level when I founded my first marketing & entertainment business in 2017. I had the opportunity to spread educational content and begin legitimate marketing ventures in a Web2 format. I got into crypto in early 2016, which introduced me to NFT's at the start of 2018. I started my Solana based YouTube channel late 2021, with the goal of helping, inspiring, and educating like-minded people (also to just be an absolute fucking degen). With a background in community management, marketing, and web3 education I've been able to run my self titled DAO for the past months. As time has gone on, I've made many connections and relationships in the Web3 space.

Hello, my name is Spoozy, or Spooz for short! I’m the Co-founder of the Experiments NFT project. I have over 10 years of managing communities and staff teams. My experience in management branches out further than just web3 and video games, it also translates to IRL experience. A little bit about me: I love rock climbing along with any other wilderness activities, I’ve been in a dedicated relationship with my significant other for over 8 years, and I have a burning passion for learning.



500 Gen 0, 5000 Experiments

At this point in time, we are shooting for sometime in October. Once we have a date set in stone we will make a public announcement.

The Solana blockchain...for now

At the moment, we are hand selecting active members who engage with us on all of our official social platforms. We also host daily whitelist giveaways in our discord.

The name Experiments came from the basis of any NFT project. Every single NFT project is a social experiment, including us. We want to try new things. We desire to constantly try new things, and fail. Failure creates undeniably the best learning experiences. We’re not saying we’re going to intentionally fail our holders, instead we’re embracing it as a potential. The artwork was inspired by both founders' love for PFPs. The post-apocalypse themed artwork is intended to grab eyes, as well as put a little bit of edge on the project.